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  •  Do you want to make reliable, monthly income that you can count on?
  • Would you like to own a business that not only pays well but pays reliably every month
  • Are you worried that your online business won't provide the security of a monthly paycheck?

Thanks to continuity programs, you can guarantee that you'll get paid reliably every month!

Saturday, April 27th, 2019

From the desk of the creator of "Continuity Cash Secrets ", Emilio Lopez:

Dear Friend,I tell you ...

Best of all, you can increase your income faster than you EVER could at ANY regular job.

This is your ticket to an exciting income that provides you with all the personal and financial success that you've ever dreamed of!

Are you ready to take the idea of ​​an online business and inject the security of a steady and reliable paycheck in to it?

If so, you're lucky and you're about to learn why Internet marketers everywhere are changing their business models as we speak.

Creating an online business that you can trust is increasingly difficult, so it's important to keep up with trends in motion.

This page will show you how a single trend is revitalizing companies that were sinking and that are about to fall completely.

Regardless of whether you are new to the online business or if you are an experienced veteran looking to earn more money, this secret can help you start generating income.

The truth about online businesses that are struggling and what the recession is causing to online profits!

There is no doubt that companies around the world have been failing.

The recession has people spending less money, hoarding more money and generally being much more discerning in any purchases they make.

Of course this is resulting in businesses bringing in less new customers, losing more old customers, and making less money per transaction.

This has online businesses falling straight on their heads because there is so much competition in the online marketplace!

There are a few select businesses that are seeing dramatic increases in their bottom line profits each month, would you like to know their secret?

The fact is, if you don't make enough money each month, you don't stay in business.

It doesn't get any clearer or more real than that, I'm sure you'll agree. The recession is doing some serious damage.

Businesses are scrambling trying to find ways to supplement their income and prevent their businesses from going into the red, going into debt and ultimately going under.

If you hope to be in business for more than a few months, it's important that you take action to prevent recessive losses.

Enter: Continuity Revenue!

Just in case you aren't familiar with continuity programs or continuity revenue, I'm going to explain what they are... ...

Continuity programs are ordering systems in which a customer makes an initial purchase and then receives a service or product each month there after for a repeating

So to make it simple, a person pays monthly for a product or service they receive monthly.

This is an excellent way for a customer to get something they would normally buy but get it in a way that is more convenient.

Automatic billing and automatic delivery of a product or service saves the customer time, money, and hassle of shopping.

Many people love continuity programs as you're aware and signup for them for things such as water delivery, cell phone service, and cable tv service.

Other things that people pay for on a monthly basis are pest control services or lawn maintenance.

Continuity programs have become increasingly popular with internet customers as an extremely important convenience item.

Create A More Reliable Stream Of Income In Your Business Regardless Of Market Conditions...

Now you know what continuity programs are and also know why customers love the convenience and time savings that they provide.

So what does this mean to you?

Continuity billing means that you can create reliable, consistent income in your business by offering a product or service on a monthly basis.

In a time with market conditions that we are currently experiencing, it's vital that you make sure your business is capitalizing on as many streams of income as possible.

Continuity programs provide 3 very important benefits to any business that decides to set one up in their promotional mix...

  • 1) Saves you money from having to advertise or re-market to existing customers to make additional purchases with your business.

  • 2) Creates reliable monthly income that comes into your business each any every month that your customers stay part of the monthly program.

  • 3) Provides the security of a 9-5 paycheck, even in tough times so that you have more security in your finances.

As you can see, if you want to create security in your business, you need a continuity program to sell for recurring income!

Continuity Programs Are Blowing Up!

Even if you haven't been involved in online business for very long, you are certainly familiar with continuity programs and their expanding reach.

You've probably signed up for a monthly auto ship program for some kind of product that you've purchased.

Online businesses are implementing continuity programs at record speed. This is because they work and they bring in extra income.

Even big launches such as multi thousand dollar courses and training packages have built in continuity programs. These continuity offers for high end programs usually cost between $100 and several hundred dollars a month.

That shows you that any product or business can implement continuity products!

Watch Out, The government Has Something To Say About Continuity Programs...

What the government demands if you hope to make Money from recurring offers...

Now, before you start getting all worried, let me calm your nerves......

The FTC recently passed a bunch of regulations that put the damper on how continuity programs are currently being run.

Don't worry, this doesn't mean that you can't create a recurring product or service in your business!

What these regulations set out to do was to stop people from putting in "hidden" or "disguised" recurring billing.

There are simple steps that you can take to make sure that you comply with all of the new regulations and to make sure you don't get into any trouble.

These regulations actually help you because they keep your business on the up and up and make sure that your customers don't feel tricked. I'm going to show you the secrets of the trade for complying!

Replace Your paycheck With Just A Handful Of Customers!...

I want you to realize that continuity programs give you the ability to not only make tons of cash in your online business, but also do so in a "secure paycheck" type of way.

Never has there been a way to generate such reliable income that you can count on coming in month after month.

The best part is that you don't need to generate thousands upon thousands of customers in order to replace your income.

Think about this...

If you create a recurring service that you charge $39 a month for, how many members would you need to replace your income?

If you make $3000 a month at your day job, you'd need just 77 customers to completely replace your income and match what you make at your job.

77 customers to replace your job?!

I'm sure that you'll agree 77 customers is a ridiculously low amount of people required to generate full time income, right?

Can you imagine how much freedom you would have just by having that handful of customers to pay you what you're worth each month?

Do you think you could enjoy life a lot more and do more things that you want to do that seem to never fit into your current schedule?

Of course you could!

 Let me introduce you "Continuity Cash Secrets" ...

A video course where I explain step by step everything you need to know and do to build your own business continuity

  • 1) Saves you money from having to advertise or re-market to existing customers to make additional purchases with your business.

  • 2) Creates reliable monthly income that comes into your business each any every month that your customers stay part of the monthly program.

  • 3) Provides the security of a 9-5 paycheck, even in tough times so that you have more security in your finances.

Replace Your paycheck With Just A Handful Of Customers!...

A course composed of 8 videos where I tell you all the secrets and tips so that you create for yourself the best recurring monthly profit you can imagine.

More than two and a half hours of video divided into 8 modules full of tips and secrets to create your recurring monthly profit business:

  • 1.-Targeting your market:(Duration of the class in video: 00:20:43)
    -Why membersite site are GREAT?.
    -Types of membersites site and the "Two Markets".
    -Good Market VS Great Market.
    -How to choose target markets.
    -Getting ideas for membersite sites.
    -30 seconds "do or Die" target test.
  • 2.-A GOOD market has...(Duration of the class in video: 00:12:36 )
    -Desperate,impulsive buyers.
    -Other advertising outlets besides just pay-Per-Click.
    -Fulfillment as an information only product.
    -Proven internet Buyers.
    A GREAT market Has...
    -A need ongoing support.
    -No seasonal demand.It's Evergreen.
    -A membership appeal.
    -What it takes to succed.
  •  3.-How to choose target markets.(Duration of the class in video: 00:19:27)
    -Start with what you know.
    -Bookstores and libraries.
    What you Knok
    -What are my hobbies and interests ?
    -What whould I love to do every day if I didn't have to work ?.
    -What are some of my real live experiencies and achievement ?
    -What problems have I solved in my live ?.
    -What problems have I NOT solved in my live ?

  • 4.-Justifying your market.(Duration of the class in video: 00:11:30)
    -Review the traits of "Good vs Great" Market.
           - Look Your list of ten o more markets.
    -Scope out Affiliate Networks.
          - See if anyone else is offering something similar.

  • 5.-Content Is King !!(Duration of the class in video: 00:26:26)

    -This principal applies to membersite sites.
    -You want a lot of content and you want is fast !.
    -You might have to change your thinking.
    -The two Games planes.
    -What's a "GURU"?and What's a "Ghostwriter"?
    Membership site options.
    -Suscription Service:
    -Recipe of the month,Investiment,Alerts,PLR.
    -Comercial tools:
    -Aweber,Ads traking tools,Hits counter.
    -Content based:
    -Offers content and builds a community.
    Publiser Mentality.
    -Buy Content and repurpose/repackage it.
    Hiring an Expert.
    -Not "long and Blog".
    -Get a GURU.
    -Someone how's BEEN THERE.
    -Take longer,but it's cheaper.
    Using freelance sites.
    -Comenting varios freelance sites.
    Working whith your expert.
    -Personal comunication.
    -Ask for an outline.
    -Set deadline and milestones.
    Other Expert sources.
    -Book authors.
    -Magazine article writers.
    -People who frequent foruns and blogs.
    Putting Your Content Toghether.
    -Where Will the content go?.
    -Who will you deliver the content?

  • 6.-Typical Membership Formats(Duration of the class in video: 00:24:46)
    Basic training-Your main product.
    Obtain and Retail.
    More Ways to Retain.
    One Last Word on content

  • 7.-Technical Considerations(Duration of the class in video: 00:21:26)
    -Membership Management.
    -Proccesing your suscriptions.
    -What is a CMS ?
    -Site Layout.
    -A fast,Easy And Professional Site.
    Platform Options, 
    Tactical Plan and Step By Step.

  • 8.-How to bid your business and grow your list quickly(Duration of the class in video: 00:09:33)

¡¡ 144'67'' minutes of reproduction !!.
¡¡ 2 hours and 41 minutes of video tutorials !!

Benefits you can get if you buy ...

  • Product Benefit #1 - Saves you money from having to advertise or re-market to existing customers to make additional purchases with your business.
  • Product Benefit #2 - Creates reliable monthly income that comes into your business each any every month that your customers stay part of the monthly program.
  • Product Benefit #3 - Provides the security of a 9-5 paycheck, even in tough times so that you have more security in your finances.
  • Product Benefit #4 - The course can be resold.
  • And Many More ...

Here you have some special bonuses FREE!

To further increase the value of "Continuity Cash Secrets", I have decided to add some additional bonuses for FREE.

Powerful Blogging

  • Table of Content :
  • Introductory
    Chapter 1: Affiliate Marketing and Blogging
    Chapter 2: AdSense Tips For Bloggers  
    Chapter 3: Bank Your Blog!  
    Chapter 4: Basics Of Blogs And Blogging 
    Chapter 5: Blog Entrepreneur 
    Chapter 6: Blogging Your Business  
    Chapter 7: Blogging with WordPress 

Writing Articles

  • Table of Contents
    Don’t Make These Blunders
  •    -Top 10 E-Mail Marketing Mistakes To Avoid
  • Grabbing Readers Attention 
  •    -What Are You Selling?
  • Anatomy Of An E-mail Message 
  • Headline (Subject) 
  • Effective Headline Types 
  •    -Benefit Headlines 
  •    -Problem Headlines 
  •    -Question Headlines
  •    -Guarantee Headlines
  •    -Offer Headlines 
  • Message Body 
  • Anatomy of A Call To Action 
  • Writing That Captivates Readers
  •    -Writing Articles For Your e-mail Campaign
  •    -Article SEO Tools 
  •    -Determining Keyword Supply And Demand
  •    -Before You Send Your Article Out 
  •    -Proofreading Checklist
  • Building Friendships Through Your Writing
  •    -Bedroom Marketing Tips
  •    -Eight Sure-Fire Tips for Building Trust
  • Creating eMail Copy/Articles That Works 
  •    -The Science of Writing An e-mail Advertisement 
  •      -How To Write A Headline
  •      -The 3 Responsibilities Of A Headline
  •      -Headline Secrets

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